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Sir Dam vodka release


Sir Dam vodka release

Sir Dam Vodka.

The new Amsterdam based vodka brand Sir Dam vodka is officialy launched on wednesday may 1st for friends & family in The W Hotel in Amsterdam. The releasee was also the first public presentation of the vodka bottle. The founders of the brand, Johannes Kagan Han & Baran Han, have been looking forward to this moment for weeks.  

Sir Dam is a premium vodka brand, completely in the style of Amsterdam. Five times distiled with the highest quality alchohol and filtered water from Amsterdam gives the brand it’s unique soft taste and luxury look.

“It has to be no ordinary vodka, but someone which you will remember, a remarkable and special bottle, a good product which doesn’t give you headache when you drink a little bit too much of it. There is a lot of competition and that’s why we wanted to take our time to present an unique product.”

Where to buy?

The unique Sir Dam vodka bottle is available on the webshop of Amsterdam based liquor store Ton Overmars.